Striving for Excellence...


Few reasons to partner with us...


  • Expect ROI in terms of Cost Reduction by 30 to 40 percent
  • Greater ROI to the customer, without loss of control or security
  • Flexible cost structure for development


  • Expect an improvement in the time to market by opting for outsourcing by 10 to 60 percent
  • Extended day of development, virtually providing access to Development Team Round the Clock to the Enterprise Application Model
  • Quick Launch for New Requirements/Projects
  • Faster implementation cycles for effective response to business changes


  • Service Level Improvement
  • One Strategic Partner
  • Increased concentration on business rather that enabling IT applications, reduced customer involvement with Non-Core business Functions
  • Knowledge of Business and Existing Systems
  • Utilize our Existing / Pre-Built Technology frameworks
  • Integrated Planning for infrastructure

Strategic Synergy

  • Retention of Knowledge - Business and Processes
  • Integration with Customer's Practices and Methodologies
  • Long Term Support

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